In the past centuries Trecento was an estate owned by the Florentine diocese, with an area of three hundred jugers, and that is the reason why it got its name ("trecento" means "three hundreds").
The passage of history left so many traces of life and arts around Trecento, but - most of all - there's something (special) in the air that you'll feel anytime and in any place.

You'll feel the Love for Life of Etrurians Rome magnificence Medieval Tragic existences And Rinascimento's way of thinking and Poetry

the dream come true...

May be 'cause I love this place May be 'cause I love the fact that it made me love this land so deep .

Sometimes you might think that places and landscapes drawn by Leonardo, Piero della Francesca, Botticelli and the others, were taken here, and I'm personally convinced of this.
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